Public Facilities

United States Navy
Atlantic Fleet Drill Hall
Great Lakes, Illinois

This project is the first LEED® US Navy Drill Hall. All Navy recruits in the Atlantic Fleet train in this facility. The goal was LEED® Silver certification, but the project actually attained LEED® Gold Certification. 20/10 Engineering provided energy modeling which shows that the building will obtain a 37% energy savings over ASHRAE 90.1-2004 standards. Occupants are also provided with their own individual control of lighting at each workstation.  20/10’s Mechanical/Electrical/Plumbing sustainable design features include:

  • A highly efficient chiller which is providing a credit point for reduction of refrigerant per ton of cooling capacity;
  • The 2 air handling units serving the Drill Deck are interconnected to provide for operation of only one air handling unit at times of low occupancy. Each of these air handling units can raise or lower their fan volume and outdoor air intake flow rate in response to space occupancy as determined by CO2 sensors, which provides for maximum fan and operating energy savings.
  • The project received an innovation credit for 45.6% water use reduction obtained by the design of low flow urinals, water closets, and lavatories.