About Us

20/10 Engineering Group, LLC was established with  a commitment to superior engineering solutions based on a clearer vision than just 20/20 eyesight, which, by definition, is merely average. Our team consistently holds to this vision by supporting our architectural and building owner partners in creating quality environments that exceed owners’ expectations.  Our reputation as one of the premier engineering firms in the region is based on quality and service—clear and concise reports, detailed, accurate, and clear bidding documents, and thorough field work.

20/10 adheres to a commitment of sustainable design practices.  Our team is particularly proud of our industry-leading expertise in this area, with extensive experience in virtually all aspects of engineering design that help facility environments attain LEED® certification, from basic Green Design to LEED® Platinum level.  On behalf of all of our building owners—whether or not local zoning rules are in place that stipulate new buildings or renovations must acquire LEED® status—20/10 makes it standard practice to develop, recommend, and upon approval apply Green Design solutions in our work.

20/10 is also a proponent of developing alternative, more eco-friendly energy resources that help fuel the environments we help create and minimize carbon footprints in communities where we work and live.  20/10 is proud to be providing forward-thinking solutions in Geothermal energy as well as other advanced technologies that help preserve and roll back wasteful, expensive facility energy practices.