Sustainable and LEED® Projects

Access Living
New Corporate Headquarters
Chicago, Illinois

Staffed with a large number of people with disabilities, the building is designed for a wide range of occupants and users according the principles of Universal Design. This building was awarded a LEED® Gold certification.  Sustainable design features:

  • Highly efficient rooftop heating/cooling unit with evaporative condensing section;
  • CO2 sensors to control levels of outside air, use of non-HFC refrigerants;
  • Computerized perimeter lighting system which automatically dims based on daylight levels;
  • Computerized mechanical shading to reduce solar heat gain;
  • Low flow lavatories and showers to reduce water usage;
  • “Green roof.”


Naperville CUSD #203
Ann Reid Early Childhood Center
Naperville, Illinois

This building is a wonderful place for young learners to grow and expand their abilities.  Earning LEED® Certification while on a tight budget, 20/10 Engineering staff has designed the following sustainable features into the project::

  • Highly efficient rooftop heating/cooling units to provide ventilation of the classrooms;
  • To provide the best comfort for the children while maintaining energy efficiency, the HVAC system utilizes condensing boilers to provide hot water for an in-floor radiant heating system;
  • All plumbing fixtures are low flow type with hands-free faucets and flush valves;
  • Occupancy sensors are utilized throughout the building to control lighting along with the application of highly efficient lighting fixtures.